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bill gibson, 01-02-2012 13:30:41, florida -1 Unkown
walked the daniel boone trail many times from top of moutain to cunberland gap OS Browser
Jim Kauffman, 01-02-2012 13:30:15, Goshen, In -1 Unkown
Have traveled the trail since 1964 and have enjoyed both the old and the new route. I miss the old hwy when it was at street level with upper entrance to the cave. Will continue to visit for years to come. OS Browser
teresa neikirk dohrman, 01-02-2012 13:29:47, morristown tn -1 Unkown
my father was born there,we lived there when i was very young ,my dad and grandfather helped build the water wheel and the steps in cujo cave, so its a special place to me. OS Browser
George Davis, 01-02-2012 13:29:21, Montana -1 Unkown
The new website looks great. OS Browser
dave hill, 01-02-2012 13:28:54, monroe, michigan -1 Unkown
I imagine there have been many books written on the gap, but as a life long visitor,being there is the only way to experience a true gift from god. GOD BLESS OS Browser
Samantha, 01-02-2012 13:28:32, Minnesota -1 Unkown
Beautiful town. Nestled away like a hidden treasure. I hope to visit again soon! OS Browser
Carolyn (Blakley) Smith, 01-02-2012 13:28:00, Cleveland, Ohio -1 Unkown
I used to live in the Gap when I was in high school (72-76). Afterwards I lived in Melbourne, FL; Boise, ID; and Seattle, WA. I was just there in Aug. for my 50th birthday. It hasn't changed much at all and I still love it. OS Browser
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